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Project Description
.NET Micro Framework (NETMF) implementation of a driver for Vizic Smart GPU Software Version 2

This is a .NET Micro Framework implementation of the Vizic Smart GPU Driver, Software Version 2.0
Provided completely free for non-commercial use.

Additional Information:
Advantages over simple serial commands:
  • Touch Events like Drag, Position Down, Position Up and Special Buttons
  • Brightness, Foreground Color, Background Color and many others implemented as properties
  • Supports Sleep Mode
  • Supports Scene Mode (useful for animations)
  • Seamless RGB to 16-bit color conversion
  • All values are normalized: For example, brightness can go from 0 to 255; color values can go from 0 to 255.
  • Well-documented with simple examples

This driver was developed and tested on the Netduino+ 2, but it is not using hardware-specific calls so a FEZ Hydra would be appropriate too. Minor modification would even allow for the driver to run on the Raspberry Pi GPIO.

Example Usage:

    public static class SampleTouchEvents
        static public void RunSample(VizicBaudRates baudRate)
            var lcd = new VizicSmartGpu();
            lcd.BaudRate = baudRate;

            // wire up the events
            lcd.TouchData += lcd_TouchData;
            lcd.TouchPositionDrag += lcd_TouchPositionDrag;
            // Enable the touch eventing thread
            lcd.TouchEventingEnabled = true;
        static void lcd_TouchPositionDrag(object sender, VizicDragEventArgs e)
            var lcd = sender as VizicSmartGpu;
            if (lcd.SleepMode == false)
                lcd.DrawLine(e.Start.X, e.Start.Y, e.End.X, e.End.Y);

        static void lcd_TouchData(object sender, VizicTouchEventArgs e)
            if (e.Data.ResponseType == VizicTouchResponseTypes.PositionData)

            var lcd = sender as VizicSmartGpu;
            if (lcd.SleepMode) lcd.SleepMode = false;

            if (e.Data.ResponseType == VizicTouchResponseTypes.HomeIcon)

            if (e.Data.ResponseType == VizicTouchResponseTypes.SongIcon)
                lcd.SDShowImage(0, 0, "bug24");

            if (e.Data.ResponseType == VizicTouchResponseTypes.TelephoneIcon)

            if (e.Data.ResponseType == VizicTouchResponseTypes.MessageIcon)
                lcd.SleepMode = true;

            if (e.Data.ResponseType == VizicTouchResponseTypes.BookIcon)
                lcd.SleepMode = false;

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